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As Texas A&M University, we believe sexual harassment and sexual violence has no place in our states, cities, universities or our country. Aggies have an unwavering commitment to serving others and protecting each other. We hold ourselves to a higher standard through our core values – like integrity, respect and selfless service.

It is up to us – students, faculty, staff and the rest of the Aggie community – to step in as active participants to reduce the incidents of sexual harassment and sexual violence on our campus, and stand up against it by starting courageous conversations and sharing information. What harms even one of us, harms us all.

    Our highest priority at Texas A&M is to provide a safe and welcoming campus where our students can grow and develop as leaders. When one of us is harmed through sexual violence, each of us is harmed. Even one such incident is too many. - Michael K. Young President, Texas A&M University As Texas A&M’s long and storied history demonstrates, Aggies who strive to embody the core values are unstoppable when they are united in a cause. The Council declares its full and enthusiastic support of programs that encourage students, staff and faculty to Step In and Stand Up against sexual harassment and sexual violence. - Texas A&M Staff Council 2016-2017 Step in. Stand up. 2017 Bronze Excellence Award by the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators

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Join Aggies everywhere as we Step In and Stand Up against sexual harassment and sexual violence. Show your support and help change the conversation and the culture.

About This Campaign

Putting a stop to sexual harassment and sexual violence begins with each one of us taking the collective first step toward change. Together, we step in to prevent these senseless acts and stand up to support the survivors. Together, we will change the perceptions, conversations and communities.

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Stand with the entire Texas A&M community in creating awareness and action in an effort to prevent sexual harassment and sexual violence on our campus, in our community and throughout our country. See how you can Step In, Stand Up and get more involved.