Texas A&M Support Resources


On-campus staff in the Division of Student Affairs is available to serve as a resource to any individual who has a sexual harassment inquiry or complaint and to provide information about how to personally respond or support a friend who may have been involved in an incident, accommodations for those involved, and applicable grievance procedures and definitions.

Student Assistance Services
Student Assistance Services connects Texas A&M students with the appropriate guidance, resources and support to address a variety of personal and academic matters. It is a helpful beginning point of contact for information about a variety of topics.
Student Counseling Service
Student Counseling Service provides a full range of professional counseling, psychiatric and training services.
Student Health Service
Student Health Services provides on-campus clinical services.
Tell Somebody
Tell Somebody is a private reporting mechanism for members of the Texas A&M University community to report behavior that is concerning. Reporting this information may be helpful in preventing tragic events and initiating assistance to an individual.


The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential mental health counseling service available to faculty, staff and their benefits-eligible dependents who may be experiencing personal or work place difficulties.

Employee Assistance Program
Our services are limited to active employees and their benefits-eligible dependents and limited to concerns that can be addressed in an outpatient, short term counseling setting.