Get Involved

If you have any questions or are seeking information about Texas A&M’s reporting procedures, policies, or support resources related to sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, and related retaliation, you can visit or contact our Title IX Coordinator, Jennifer Smith, at or 979.458.8407.

Stand with the entire Texas A&M community in creating awareness and action in an effort to prevent sexual violence on our campus and beyond.

How can you Step In and Stand Up?

Stepping In and Standing Up can make a world of difference. This can be learning how to recognize and intervene when needed or supporting a friend who has gone through a traumatic experience. You can make a difference.

Educate yourself.
Knowledge is power. There are several campus presentations and resources available to assist students, faculty and staff. Learn how to recognize and commit to eliminating choices, behaviors, words, actions or attitudes that contribute to or tolerate sexual harassment or sexual violence.
Register for on-campus training or request a presentation.
Know how and where to report incidents.
Reporting an incident is one facet of addressing the issues of sexual harassment and sexual violence in our community.
Find out about how to report an incident.
Know about the resources and people who are available to help.
The university and surrounding community provide a vast array of resources for individuals who have been impacted by these behaviors. Learn the resources that are available and trauma-informed practices on how to best support a friend or colleague who has been involved in an incident of sexual harassment or sexual violence.
Read more about resources.